Jenny 2.

Jennys progress

Hej you guys. 
I'm the one that was suposed to make an illustration to the soldier-goes-highwire-doomsday-hero story.
I'm making the wild guess that whoever wrote it is a fan of V for Vandetta and Rambo. 
I dont know if we are going to be allowed to prnt it in color because it sure looks boring in
black and white. 

Anyway I hope that the one who wrote that thing reads this :3 
This is the illustration to the last bit of the text. (story hero kills of the bad guy on 
a spaceship) I hope you like it sir/m'am. 
p.s. Looks better upsidedown :D

Sagoillustration till sagan "den store pojken"

"Plötsligt kom pojken, flygandes, ner från berget och hans glada vrålande förvandlades till ett tjut fyllt av rädsla och ångest."

Teckning i svart tusch.



Teaterdekor till Ingesunds teaterlinje

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